INTRODUCING: Tea-V-Time Podcast

Hi everyone,

I’m so pleased to announce the launch of my brand new podcast, Tea-V-Time. With many of us still in lockdown and unable to pop to a coffee shop with a friend, I thought this podcast was a good way to get together with some wonderful members of the film community and chat about some great TV shows.

It’s very informal, each week we’ll be talking about one show, as well as letting our audience know what we’re drinking on that particular day. So maybe you’ll get a tasty drinks recommendation!

Honestly, I really just wanted a fun way to bring us all together and talk about our collective love of entertainment. Since I’m a TV journalist by day (my portfolio is here) it’s nice to focus on something I do on a regular basis, I don’t think I could ever get bored of TV.

We’ve even got a snazzy logo designed by Alex Jenkins. The entire process was just wonderful, a very quick turnaround and I’m so impressed with the final result. It’s such a quirky way of combining the podcast topics and I’d highly recommend working with him.

The podcast also has a sister segment, Booze Time, which will air once a month and allows guests to recommend something a little stronger than tea! It’s a great way to ensure we’ve got lots of great options so everyone’s catered for, whatever their mood.

Our first episode will be launching soon, where we’ll be discussing Russell T. Davies’ It’s A Sin. So yes we’re starting with a very heavy one, but it’s a fantastic series and I can’t wait to talk about why it’s so great!

If you want to support the podcast you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and maybe even get yourself some merch if you fancy it.

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