FILM REVIEW: Getting It (2020)

Rating: ★★★★

Getting It is one of those films that proves you don’t need a massive, blockbuster budget to deliver a great piece of work. This project was written, produced and directed by Tom Heard, who also plays one of the main characters in the film.

It’s clear from the get go that he has put everything into this project, and I was really impressed with the results.

Unlike some LGBTQ+ films, this one doesn’t centre on the characters coming out and discovering their sexuality, and instead chooses to follow two gay men as they happen to cross paths and start a relationship. This film was made out of Heard’s interest in interpersonal relationships, and many character dynamics are explored throughout.

The film follows Jamie (Tom Heard), a singer whose cabaret partner and boyfriend dumped him a year ago. After this, he’s shut himself off and always put himself first, refusing to get back out there again in case he crosses paths with his ex. On top of this, Jamie’s struggling with his own career and passions and performs to himself in his apartment, imagining he’s on stage again. But he refuses to sing in public, much to the frustration of his best friend Elaine (Sharron Bower).

Elaine calls Jamie out on his selfish behaviour, trying her best to encourage him to get back out there and live again. Meanwhile, in the apartment next door, Ben (Donato De Luca) is a poet who is reeling from the devastating loss of his mother a year ago, and currently lives like a hermit with his brother and sister-in-law. He spends most of his time cooped up in his bedroom, and refuses to socialise with anyone.

Despite the age gap and differences, Jamie and Ben actually find they have a lot in common and begin to grow closer as a result. But their relationship is far from plain sailing, as they have their own inner demons to face as well as the complications in the world around them.

Getting It manages to balance the melodrama of love with some great comedic moments, with most of these provided by nosy neighbour Linus (Adrian Laguette) who wants to know everyone’s business and seems to irritate everyone around him. I particularly loved this character, because he brought an air of sitcom to the film, and I was left wondering what annoying things he’d do next.

I was also impressed to find out that Tom Heard had written all the songs in the film, which convey Jamie’s emotions brilliantly. Jamie is a very likeable character despite his flaws, you know he means well and you just want to see him succeed. This is truly a testament to the writing and performance of Heard. Both he and De Luca deliver brilliant performances, and I loved watching their dynamic on screen.

As well as being a love story, this film is also an important reminder to focus on what’s important, including the people around you. Whilst you should always try to follow your dreams, it’s also important to be grateful for those special people in your life. It’s a very emotionally charged film, and whether it’s happiness, sadness, or humour, each emotion is balanced perfectly throughout to create a very real and raw experience.

Getting It is a lovely independent film, and all the hard work has absolutely paid off. It really is amazing what they managed to achieve with a tiny budget. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next from all involved.

If you want to watch the film for yourself, it’s available on Amazon Prime now. You can also watch the trailer below.


One thought on “FILM REVIEW: Getting It (2020)

  1. We watched this on Friday night, what a great easy film to watch and a great message it portrayed. This is a wonderful Independent film. The acting was great, the funny parts were great and the serious moments made you really feel the emotions. Plus, it was filmed in and around Austin and Wimberley, TX.

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