Short Film Saturdays: “Future Boyfriend”

Rating: ★★★★

This week I’m taking a look at Future Boyfriend; a quirky romantic comedy film. Running at 10 minutes, the film follows Stuart and Kaylie as they head out for a date at a restaurant. So far, so basic right? That is, until Stuart reveals to Kaylie that he’s actually from the future. Now that’s a bombshell!

I really enjoyed this film from the very beginning. Whilst the title gives away the future is involved in some way, the rest of the plot is gradually revealed to us throughout the rest of the film. It turns out that Stuart is there for a sentimental reason, and it’s presented in such a heartfelt and emotional way. Both actors are excellent; the dynamic between both Stuart and Kaylie is plausible and natural. I really enjoyed both characters for different reasons as they bounced off each other well, resulting in some rather amusing lines.

Stuart behaves awkwardly and strange around Kaylie, even cutting up her food for her at one point, but once we realise why it all makes perfect sense. The film’s big reveal is thought provoking in a way as it challenges Kaylie to reevaluate her entire life and digest a lot of information. I was completely drawn in to their conversation, meaning I really didn’t mind that the film was set in one location with only two main actors. It worked perfectly for me.

I was also very impressed with the special effects in this film because I thought they blended into the scene well, despite their futuristic nature. Sci-Fi effects can be tricky to pull of well, but Future Boyfriend did an excellent job, especially for an independent film. The overall production is really well polished including set design, sound quality and camera work. I hope the filmmakers are impressed with what they managed to achieve because it’s of a very high standard.

Whilst not my usual go-to genre, I thoroughly enjoyed Future Boyfriend and would recommend it to anyone who wants something more lighthearted to watch. I’m very excited to see what Bell-House Productions get up to next!

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