Short Film Saturdays: “Beneath”

  Rating: ★★★★ Beneath is a four minute short based on the horror game The Guts of the City, both created by the hugely talented Jonu Films. This is the first short film I’ve reviewed that is also a game, which immediately sparked my interest after stumbling across Jonu YouTube. I am (albeit an easily scared) fan of horror gaming so I am definitely going to pluck up the … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “Beneath”

Short Film Saturdays: “Family Game Night”

  Length: 11 minutes Rating: ★★★★ 1/2 Nick Ferwerda’s 11 minute horror comedy, Family Game Night, follows the story of your everyday middle-class family as they sit down for some quality family time. You have mum, dad and a son and daughter. It starts out very normal, but soon takes a hilariously dark turn. It sells itself as a horror-comedy, and did genuinely make me laugh out loud … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “Family Game Night”

Short Film Saturdays: “Pocket Mummy”

  Length: 6 minutes Rating: ★★★★   Note: As a non-native speaker, I do recommend turning on YouTube subtitles for this one to ensure you don’t miss any important dialogue. Running at only 6 minutes, Pocket Mummy manages to deliver an important message quickly, whilst still engaging audiences in its narrative and characters. I liked the fact that it was only set in one location and featured three … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “Pocket Mummy”

Short Film Saturdays: “Conscientia”

Length: 9 minutes Rating: ★★★ 1/2 After a long hiatus, I’m so happy that Short Film Saturdays is back! Thank you to everyone for your patience, and I’m committed to making it a regular thing this year. We’re kicking off this round with Conscientia, a film that’s simple but packs a mighty punch. The use of silence in this film is particularly unnerving because it’s commonly associated with jumpscares … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “Conscientia”

Short Film Saturdays: “Dinner”

  Synopsis: Dinner is a short film directed by Sarah Appleton and produced by Talbot House Films. The film stars Victoria Fitz-Gerald and Matthew Carney as their characters April and Jason come to the end of their second date, as it all starts to go horribly wrong. A role-reversed tale of manipulation. Length: 5 minutes Rating: ★★★ I was sent a screener copy of this film by … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “Dinner”

Short Film Saturdays: “Children of War”

Synopsis: Family and history go hand-in-hand. In this Modern-Western, witness the duel within the bloodline of a small coal mining family born and bred by the rigor within the mountains of Miner’s City – known today as War, West Virginia. Slavy Freeman, the patriarch, forced to confront family secrets, must choose between reunification or the complete dismemberment of the Freeman bloodline. Length: 20 minutes Rating: ★★★ I was … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “Children of War”

Introducing: “Short Film Saturdays”

Hello everyone, I’ve decided that the best way for me to update the blog regularly is to create a proper schedule. Part of this new schedule is the introduction of this new section, Short Film Saturdays.  It’s pretty self explanatory: I’m hoping to review a short film every week and share it with you all on here. I think this will be a brilliant way to support … Continue reading Introducing: “Short Film Saturdays”