Mental Health Mondays: Jaime Burchardt

I’m so happy to be kicking off Mental Health Mondays with a personal essay from someone I really admire. Jaime is a filmmaker and founder of the brilliant Share A Scare campaign, which gives back to some charities. Thank you to Jaime for feeling able to open up and share his relationship with his self-described ‘cinema warrior’. None of this has been edited by me, … Continue reading Mental Health Mondays: Jaime Burchardt

Introducing: Mental Health Mondays

Earlier today I wrote a tweet introducing you to my new column, but I thought it was right to do a full blog post so you can understand exactly where I’m going with this. There’s only so much you can say on Twitter! What is Mental Health Mondays? For a while, I’ve been thinking of a way to open up a conversation and allow other … Continue reading Introducing: Mental Health Mondays

Time To Talk Day 2019 | Why creating a film blog changed my life

This isn’t hyperbole: Lucy Goes to Hollywood really did change my life. In fact, a few years ago it didn’t exist. The idea hadn’t even crossed my mind. It seems so strange to think that one of the darkest times in my life helped me to create something I love so dearly, and go on to meet a community of many like-minded people. People that I’d happily … Continue reading Time To Talk Day 2019 | Why creating a film blog changed my life