LKFF Review: “The Witness”

Rating: ★★★★★ Cho Kyu-Jang’s cat-and-mouse thriller is definitely one of my favourites from this year’s London Korean Film Festival. The film follows businessman Sang-hoon as he drunkenly returns to his apartment one evening, only to witness a horrific murder right outside his complex. Before he has a chance to call for help, the killer looks up, and the two make eye contact. Paralysed by fear, he chooses not … Continue reading LKFF Review: “The Witness”

“The Sinner”: My thoughts on Netflix’s popular whydunit

Rating: ★★★★ Over the Christmas break, my boyfriend Josh and I settled down in front of Netflix with copious amounts of festive treats. Our watchlist is about a mile long but we eventually decided on The Sinner, an intriguing mini-series with the following tagline: Everyone knows she did it. No one knows why. The crime genre isn’t exactly lacking in content these days, but straight away this … Continue reading “The Sinner”: My thoughts on Netflix’s popular whydunit