Short Film Saturdays: “Hang Up!”

Rating: ★★★★

We’re all guilty of pocket dialling people, but most of the time the person on the other end doesn’t hear much more than footsteps, background noise, or unintelligible conversations. Unfortunately for Hang Up!‘s protagonist, Gary, he ends up hearing a discussion that reveals a much darker side to his wife, Emelia. One little conversation changes his life forever.

Robert Nolan excels in the main role, as he always does. I’ve seen him in other films by Fatal Pictures including Familiar and Worm, and despite his lack of dialogue in Hang Up!, his facial expressions do all the talking in this film. You can really feel the pain he’s feeling as he learns the truth about what’s going on. The camera frequently pans to photographs of his wife and daughter, giving us a glimpse of the perfect life he thought he had. Hearing the horrible truths juxtaposed with visuals of smiling family members is incredibly jarring,

For a film that simply features a man listening in on a phone conversation, it’s very gripping. Because it’s such a dialogue heavy film you really have to pay attention and listen to every word Emili (Astrida Auza) says. Auza delivers a chilling performance as she monologues about her life experiences, and what she’s planning to do. At times it was difficult to understand every word that was said, which is my only real criticism, but other than that I absolutely adored the dark turn the the film took. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare, realising their significant other isn’t who they thought they were.

Once again, Fatal Pictures have proven they can create a chilling tale that leaves you wanting more. Hang Up! has a narrative that starts slow but soon escalates towards the terrifying finale.

I seriously recommend giving these guys a follow as they’ve constantly captivated me with their films. Find their social links and the Hang Up! trailer below:

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