People You May Know (Short)


Year: 2018
Directed by: Louisa Fielden
Cast: Aiysha Hart, Joseph Timms

Written by Lucy Buglass

Have you ever scrolled through Facebook when the algorithm recommends someone from your past? Sometimes you feel happy, sometimes upset or even angry. We’ve all been there, and Louisa Fielden’s latest short film, People You May Know, centres around this very topic. After seeing ex-boyfriend James pop up as a suggested friend, Emily decides to add him and invites him to a coffee shop for a catch up eleven years after their break up. Set predominately in the cafe, we watch as the two of them discuss their past, and dark secrets are uncovered.

This is an incredibly emotionally charged film that deals with some upsetting topics. I personally found it very hard to watch but that’s a testament to how good the script and acting is. Despite the fact there’s only two actors, both…

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