Short Film Saturdays: “Conscientia”

Rating: ★★★ 1/2

After a long hiatus, I’m so happy that Short Film Saturdays is back! Thank you to everyone for your patience, and I’m committed to making it a regular thing this year.

We’re kicking off this round with Conscientia, a film that’s simple but packs a mighty punch. The use of silence in this film is particularly unnerving because it’s commonly associated with jumpscares in the horror genre. With that in mind, I liked the fact that this film didn’t have much of a soundtrack because it makes it feel more realistic and was an excellent way to build tension throughout the narrative.

I thought the two actors were very good, I’m unsure if they’ve been in films before but I would certainly like to see more of their work if they have. It can be hard to show genuine fear but I thought they were very successful and brought the script to life on screen. For an independent short film I was also very impressed with the use of special effects and the way the filmmakers crafted popular horror iconography on a small budget. The use of fake blood in particular was well done, and didn’t look fake at all!

My only real criticism was that the voice of the demon could’ve been a little better. I appreciate they were trying to go for a distorted sound but at times I found it difficult to understand and had to concentrate very hard. Sound recording and design can be tough, especially when it’s an indie production, but unfortunately it just wasn’t quite up to scratch when it came to the demon.

Overall, I thought this was a strong independent horror film that used a lot of techniques which would delight both fans of the genre and newcomers. In addition, I loved the way the film ended as it leaves you with a horrible feeling of dread when the credits begin to role, and really messes with you psychologically!

If Conscientia interests you, I’ve put the link to the film down below. Make sure you let me know your thoughts and give the guys a follow if you’d like to see more from them:

@jumpcutjakob , @nick__deal , @JUMPCUT_FILMS

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