“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”: My surprising new Netflix obsession


There are no signs. Life doesn’t happen to you, you make decisions. And right now, I’m deciding to move forward with my life.

Rating: ★★★★

I was first introduced to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend during a sleepover with a few friends. It is, undoubtedly, a great show to binge over a few cocktails and snacks due to its lighthearted nature and musical numbers. But I had no idea that I was going to love it as much as I did. It certainly isn’t the kind of show one would immediately associate with me as it’s full of chick-flick themes and singing, but I’m about to explain why I’m so in love with it.

The series follows Rebecca Bunch, a Yale and Harvard educated lawyer who built a successful career with a New York law firm. She is a complex character battling with both anxiety and depression, and after bumping into her first love from summer camp, decides to move to his hometown of West Covina, California. Here, she finds a new job, new friends, and decides this is the place where she can truly find happiness and get back with Josh. Whilst I’d agree the plot does sound incredibly far fetched and strange, you soon realise that impulsive decisions are a huge part of Rebecca’s character and this dramatic lifestyle change quickly becomes accepted in the eyes of the audience.

One of my absolute favourite things about this show is that it doesn’t shy away from the very real portrayal of serious life issues. Whilst on the surface it’s a quirky show with some great laughs and wonderfully choreographed songs, characters are constantly battling with their inner demons. The way Crazy Ex-Girlfriend deals with mental illness, sexuality, marriage and alcoholism to name a few is admirable, and something that a lot of sitcoms are certainly lacking. It knows when to stop making you laugh, and really feel the pain the characters are experiencing. The characters are all very three dimensional with their own dreams, problems and flaws, and I never felt like a character was added for no good reason.

Whilst I’m not usually a huge fan of musicals, I quickly got used to characters bursting into song and it does add to the overall experience. A lot of the aforementioned issues are explored through song, often resulting in lyrics that are incongruous to the cheerful backing music.

If you’re looking for your next binge worthy series that makes you laugh, cry and sing along, I definitely recommend giving Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a try. I have nothing but praise for the character development and overall quality of this series, and whilst it may seem a bit bizarre to begin with, I urge you to stick with it. Maybe you’ll become as obsessed as me!


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