Short Film Saturdays: “Dinner”

Rating: ★★★

I was sent a screener copy of this film by director Sarah Appleton. First off, thank you so much for trusting me and allowing me to review your film! It always makes me happy when a new film finds its way into my inbox.

Something I really admire about Dinner is the fact that it takes huge risks as a film. It’s often difficult to keep people engaged with a dialogue heavy narrative, but this is something Dinner does incredibly well. Both Victoria Fitz-Gerald and Matthew Carney do a fantastic job in their respective roles, and perfectly embody the overall message of the film. If pulled off badly, this ran the risk of being a film about two people have dinner with no real hook. But thankfully, it’s much more than that.

It’s a film that certainly makes you ask questions, and further challenges the double standards that we have in modern society. I love how uncomfortable we’re made to feel as spectators, with the intrusive nature of the camera and the awkward body language of the subjects. In terms of audio, I would have liked to hear more of a soundtrack and I felt that some of the sound did cut off abruptly at points which can often feel quite jarring.

Overall, I believe that Dinner can teach audiences a lot about the way we behave, and that it’s a necessary watch. It’s a clever idea that is well executed and it’s evident that so much effort went into this indie production. I wish them all the best with any festival entries and I hope audiences can take a lot away from this film. It’s short but impactful.

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