Short Film Saturdays: “The Last Halloween”

Rating: ★★★★

Weirdly enough, this is the first horror film that I’m going to review on this blog. It was only a matter of time before it happened and I’ disappointed it’s taken me this long! The Last Halloween intrigued me the minute I became aware of it. I was already familiar with Marc Roussel’s work, having previously reviewed Remote back in 2013.

I must start by saying that the cinematography and overall aesthetic of this film is absolutely superb. I loved the way this post-apocalyptic universe was presented to us through decrepit buildings and low-key lighting. The set design is so professional looking that it looks like something from a big budget film, and not an independent one. Everything looks so realistic, yet at the same time, from an era far away from our own. The set and costume design deserves high praise as they’ve delivered something truly wonderful here, set against a dystopian background.

The way this film places children in a position of power is also very well done, and though it’s a common trope in horror films, it’s delivered in a unique way. Children dressing up for Halloween has never looked quite this terrifying.  This film takes a fun annual holiday filled with costumes and sugary treats and turns it into something incredibly dark  The very idea of trick or treating in a post-apocalyptic environment is genius, and something I’ve never seen before. I’m almost angry I didn’t think of it first.

With a runtime of 10 minutes, I did feel as though it drew to a close a bit too quickly. I would’ve loved to see more of a build up, and it is a shame such a good idea was condensed down into a short space of time. In all honestly, if they released this as a feature length, I’d go and see it in a heartbeat. There are a few ambiguities that I wish had been answered; such as the reason for the apocalypse, but that doesn’t detract from the overall quality. It’s a strong short film with impressive visuals and was certainly an enjoyable watch for me. It’s amazing what a dedicated cast and crew can achieve, I was very impressed with everyone involved.

Thank you to Marc Roussel for sending your film to me, it’s always a pleasure to watch your stuff, and you’ve proven yourself yet again. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more!

You can watch the film below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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